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Flow Like Water

Practice with us from your own home through an online, power yoga class!  

"Yoga teaches us to be in the present moment, the only place where life exists."



Meet Pooja  

Pooja is a 200-hour level Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. She received her training in 2020 from BIG Power Yoga in Houston, TX and has been practicing yoga off and on since 2013 at various studios in Houston, New York City and Boston. Though life has sometimes taken Pooja away from her yoga mat, she always makes her way back. Repeatedly, yoga has reconnected Pooja to the here and now and assisted her in moving through challenges with grace and ease. 

Yoga teaches that each of us is already whole, complete and perfect. Pooja seeks to help students access their inner strength and power through energized movement and breath. As a teacher of yoga — a sacred practice that stems from ancient Indian philosophy — Pooja meets her students where they are and promises to serve them wholeheartedly. 

What Pooja's Yoga Students Say  

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Jordan M.
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 Even through virtual instruction, Pooja creates a strong sense of connectivity and brings positive vibes into every movement. Pooja leads an energetic class in which she challenges every participant to push ourselves but to also listen to our bodies and minds and rest when needed. I look forward to many more classes with Pooja.

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Andrew S.

Pooja’s yoga classes are dynamic. Every class with Pooja has been empowering, because she emphasizes growth while also highlighting the joy of listening to our bodies as a source of presence, awareness, and understanding. Through yoga, Pooja has taught me how I can be instructive to myself.

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Rachel Y.
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As someone who has previously been reluctant to maintain a yoga practice, I am a convert after working with Pooja! Her gentle but insightful suggestions as well as her flow which truly reaches people of all abilities make her a great teacher for just about everyone. I look forward to our sessions together!

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Venkat S.

The experience at Pooja’s Yoga is physically, spiritually and mentally engaging.  I never practiced yoga before, however, after a few classes I got the hang of it.  Pooja is such a friendly and cool instructor who will push your edge and constantly encourage you.  Yoga with Pooja is challenging yet rewarding!

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