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Meet Pooja


Pooja is a 200-hour level Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. She received her training in 2020 from BIG Power Yoga in Houston, TX, and has been practicing yoga off and on since 2013 at various studios in Houston, New York City and Boston. Though life has sometimes taken Pooja away from her yoga mat, she always makes her way back. Repeatedly, yoga has reconnected Pooja to the here and now and assisted her in moving through challenges with grace and ease. 

Yoga teaches that each of us is already whole, complete and perfect. Pooja seeks to help students access their inner strength and power through energized movement and breath. As a teacher of yoga — a sacred practice that stems from ancient Indian philosophy — Pooja meets her students where they are and promises to serve them wholeheartedly. 

Outside of Yoga, Pooja is a writer, daughter, sister, dog mom and lifelong learner. She enjoys reading fiction, baking cookies, running half marathons and spending time with friends. 

Pooja's Yoga Philosophy

Yoga for all 

At Pooja's Yoga, we believe in making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of faith, race, socioeconomic status, gender, or any other descriptor. Our group classes are all donation-based with no minimum donation, and diversity of all forms is welcomed.


Yoga is not gymnastics

In the words of B.K.S. Iyengar, yoga is not gymnastics. In fact, asanas, or postures, are one small part of yoga, and how a pose looks has little to no bearing on what is possible from the practice. While Pooja's Yoga classes are challenging for all-levels, students are always encouraged to listen to their own own bodies and to do what is best for them at any moment.  


Yoga is about service

Part of yoga involves seva, or selfless service, to others. In serving others with no expectations of reward, we bring ourselves closer to self-realization. Pooja's Yoga partners with non-profit organizations that are working on solving some of the world's greatest challenges. We offer private classes to those organizations and donate at least 15 percent of each month's proceeds to one of these organizations.

Yoga is fun!

Pooja's Yoga classes are a place to let go, breathe, sweat and release anything that is no longer serving you. There is nothing to prove or get right!

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