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"I have been so impressed with Pooja’s yoga classes. Even through virtual instruction, she creates a strong sense of connectivity and brings positive vibes into every movement. Pooja leads an energetic class in which she challenges every participant to push ourselves but to also listen to our bodies and minds and rest when needed. She is a wonderful instructor and I look forward to many more classes with Pooja."

- Jordan M.

"As someone who has previously been reluctant to maintain a yoga practice, I am a convert after working with Pooja! Her gentle but insightful suggestions as well as her flow which truly reaches people of all abilities make her a great teacher for just about everyone. I look forward to our sessions together!"

- Rachel Y.

“Pooja’s yoga classes are dynamic. Her teaching, clear and attentive, encourages me to explore my limits and push myself beyond where I thought my flexibility could take me. Every class with Pooja has been empowering, because she emphasizes growth while also highlighting the joy of listening to our bodies as a source of presence, awareness, and understanding. Through yoga, Pooja has taught me how I can be instructive to myself.” 

- Andrew S.

"The experience at Pooja’s Yoga is physically, spiritually and mentally engaging.  I never practiced yoga before, however, after a few classes I got the hang of it.  Pooja is such a friendly and cool instructor who will push your edge and constantly encourage you.  Yoga with Pooja is challenging yet rewarding!"

- Venkat S.

"I love Pooja's yoga classes because she strikes a great balance between making me feel comfortable in approaching new poses while pushing me to go deeper in poses when possible. I always look forward to her class!"

- Kamya J.

"Pooja’s classes are about the details. How to breathe deeper, how to elongate further, how to balance more effectively. Importantly, her peaceful voice and soft cadence of instructions will leave you calm and refreshed!"

-Juhi G.

"I love practicing yoga with Pooja! Her classes are truly versatile so they're inclusive for all levels of students or for however your body happens to be feeling that day. I also appreciate how effectively she's able to communicate feedback during her classes – I feel like I'm in a personal session! I leave each class with my body feeling strong and with an inner sense of balance and calm."

-Deanna S.

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